New “Group War” Brings Excitement to Groups! Latest BBM Also Brings Interactive Feeds, Easier Group Invites and More!

Put your thinking hat on! In the latest version of BBM, out today, we’re bringing a fun social trivia quiz to Indonesia: Group War! It’s a new and unique daily quiz where members team up in a group and compete to win prizes by answering trivia questions.

But that’s not all included in the new release! For all our global users, we’re also releasing multiple features to improve your chat experience on BBM. Read on for details, or check the preview in the “What’s New” section in the App Store or Google Play when you download the new version.

Play the New “Group War” Trivia Quiz with Friends to Win Prizes! (Indonesia)

Looking for an exciting and innovative way to have fun with family and friends, find stress reliever, or win easy money and other prizes? Then Group War is for you! There’s never been anything quite like it before. It’s a fun way to increase the interaction in your groups, as well as to join together with friends, family, or work colleagues in a friendly competition for a chance to win millions of Rupiah.

Your group will play against many others in BBM. Each group can have up to 10 players. Each correct answer wins you points. The more points you get, the more prize money you can earn.

Group War’s fast-paced question-and-answer format will provide laughs, stress relief, and conversation starters. It can also help you get smart by expanding your knowledge in a way that makes learning effortless and fun.

Winners will receive money to their DANA account that can be used to:

  • Buy phone credit or internet data, food, movie tickets or Google Play voucher codes
  • Pay bills for electricity, water, internet, postage, insurance or cable TV
  • Cash out to your ATM

Learn more about Group War here.


Chat Seamlessly Across Devices with BBM Desktop for iOS

BBM Desktop expands the chat experience to your desktop—meaning you can keep conversations going without interruption even as you move between devices. Launched earlier this year for Android, BBM Desktop is now available for iOS as well!

Chatting on BBM Desktop is just like chatting on the BBM app you know and love. You can read, reply, delete, retract and forward messages. You can receive text, images, video and documents.

If a new message comes in when you’re working on your desktop computer, you can just switch over to BBM Desktop to read it and reply, then go back to what you were doing. Once you log off your desktop, you can keep chatting in all the same threads on your mobile.

BBM Desktop means you can keep up with your BBM Contacts all day long! Don’t forget to try it out on


Interact with Contacts More in Timeline and Feeds

Do more in Timeline and Feeds! A few improvements make it easier to share life moments with friends and exchange comments on your status, pictures and videos. After all, part of the fun in sharing is seeing how your family and friends react!

First, the previous release included a refreshed Feeds with a cleaner design for Android—now it’s available to iOS users as well! Now, iOS users can share life moments in more ways on Feeds as well as Timeline.Additionally, Android users can now like, share and comment on their Contacts’ posts. On Timeline or the new Feeds, each status now includes a row of icons you can tap to interact. For comments, tap the icon to open the keyboard. Type up your message and tap the arrow button to post it.


Grow Your Groups with More Ways to Easily Add New Members up to 500!

Just in time to help you build your team for Group War (see above!), we’ve added more new ways to quickly add up to 500 members to your new Groups—even people outside of your contacts. New members don’t even have to be on BBM to get the invite. They can join your group and install BBM in a few clicks.

In the last release, we added QR Code invites for Android. Now, we’re extending that feature to iOS and adding a new invite link option for Android.

QR Codes for iOS

To invite someone to a Group with a QR Code on iOS, go to your Chats, tap the Group name or avatar, and select Show group QR Code. To join, the new member just opens their BBM, goes to their More tab, and scans the QR code to join the group. So easy!Invite

Invite Links for Android

In addition to using a QR Code invite, Group admins on Android users can also create an invi

te link that allows new members to join. To create one, go to the Group and select “invite to Group via Invite Link.” From there, you can share or remove the link from the Group Info. Once you share the link, the person you invite will see an invitation in their Chats. They tap the new chat to see the invitation, and tap the link to join the Group. It’s very simple and quick.


Save Time with New Document Tab in Contact Info and Group Info

No more scrolling through old chats to find documents! Now Android and iOS users can open, find and delete documents faster from the convenient new Document tab.

To see it, select the Group name or avatar on any group chat, and then Shared Media. From there, tap the new Document tab at the top of the screen. You’ll see a list of your documents, including PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint files, and others.

Tap on any document to open it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, use the search bar to find it. If you want to delete a file, long-press on it and then tap the trash icon on the bottom right of the screen.


Use High-Quality Images as Avatars and Chat Backgrounds on iOS

iOS users now have another way to remember and share great photos: as BBM avatars or chat backgrounds! Going forward, any picture uploaded as a BBM display picture will be in high-quality (max 1080 pixels).

To add a new avatar, go to More, tap the display picture, select Replace picture, and choose a new, high-resolution image. To replace your chat background, go to a BBM chat and tap More. Select Chat Background, then Select from Gallery. Choose and image from your Gallery, and tap Set once you find the one you like.

See the Big Picture: Full-Screen Video Calls

The next time you make a BBM video call on Android, you’ll be seeing even more of the person you’re talking to! The refreshed screen design now takes up the full screen, without the bar that used to cut off the top of the picture. To see for yourself, go to a chat to initiate a video call with one of your Contacts.

We hope you’ll enjoy all these new features—and that our BBM team will be playing Group War with some of you soon! Don’t wait to take advantage of all the new and improved features your favorite mobile app for chatting, shopping, gaming, keeping up on sports, news and more! Be sure to upgrade now via Google Play or the App Store today.


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