BBM Introduces Official Accounts for Brands, Businesses and Celebrities

We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of BBM Official Accounts in Indonesia!

BBM Official Accounts is a feature that allows BBM partners, such as brands, businesses and even celebrities to send messages directly to BBM users who have added or subscribed to their account as a ‘contact’. This new service alerts users instantly through push notifications, meaning BBM partners can expect a high number of users viewing their messages.

For Brands, Official Accounts enable them to provide timely and value-added content such as contests, promotional codes and marketing materials to their customers. For Businesses can utilize Official Accounts as a default messaging tool for internal communications. Celebrities can also easily engage and update fans on their activities, post photos and videos, promote fan meetings, single or album releases, and new drama or movie releases.

Official Accounts give partners increased control over how they wish to target, customize their messages and directly reach their customers or followers in real-time.

At launch, users will be able to subscribe to a variety of accounts from sports and consumer brands such as the NBA, Pepsodent, and other news, entertainment and shopping entities like Liputan 6,,, BBM Shopping and WebComics. By adding these accounts as contacts, BBM users are able to receive timely information on special promotions, coupons, as well as the latest updates on news and sports programs.

This feature is on both Android and iOS, and is available exclusively for the Indonesian market, for now.

How to Join Official Accounts as a user:

  • From the Contacts tab, click on ‘Official Accounts’
  • Join any Official Account by clicking the ‘+’ icon

Users will start receiving updates, messages and posts from the Official Account, and can comment, like and share with their BBM contacts.

Our team is working zealously with partners to bring you more Official Accounts, so upgrade your favorite messaging app via Google Play or the App Store today and keep checking the Official Accounts in your contacts tab!

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