Upgrade to a Faster and Lighter BBM Messenger now with Storage Management!

Enjoy a faster BBM Messenger with the new streamlined version of your favorite messaging app, out today and available for download via Google Play or the App Store. This release improves app, chat, and notification load times; adds storage management for Android; lets you preview websites and messages in your chats; makes it easier to loop in additional Contacts in multi-person chats or when forwarding or sharing posts; and more. Read on for the highlights.

Connect with Friends Faster with Streamlined BBM App

Both Android and iOS users will notice a faster load time when opening their BBM Messenger after it’s been fully, or “forced” closed. We’ve significantly improved the average amount of time it takes the app start up over the previous release. Additionally, this latest version has better responsiveness on chats.

For iOS users, you’ll also notice that when your BBM app is closed, message notifications—those little red circles with a number in them—now appear sooner than before.

For Android users, all your chats—1:1, multi-person, and groups—will now load quicker. Similarly, messages, stickers and BBMoji, and any other keyboard panel features (media, stickers, etc.) will be sent faster than before.

Enjoy all the BBM features with the new speed!

Choose to Lighten BBM Messenger’s Storage Requirements

Release_14-Storage_Management-EN (2)Android users: now you can opt to manage your storage and choose the types of content you want to delete. This new feature lets you see which chats are taking up the most space, and lets you clear images, videos, audio files and more on each one.

To manage your storage, go to the Me tab, then select General. Choose Data, and then Storage usage. You’ll see a list of your chats along with the amount of storage they take up. Click on individual chats to see how much space items in the chat take up. Reduce the storage requirements by selecting to delete items you no longer need.

See a Preview of Websites in Chats

Release-14--Link-Preview-EN-v1Android users: With our new automatic website preview feature, you’ll now see a thumbnail image and headline in your chats whenever you or your contacts send a linked website address. When you send a website link, the preview will automatically appear above the text field. When you receive a link, the preview lets you see what your friends have shared, so you can check the main information before you open the link.

To see the new feature, simply open a chat, type or paste a website address into the text field, and a website preview will appear! If you send the link, your contact(s) will see the same information.

Release-14-Improvement_on_Message_Preview-EN-v1Preview Messages of Channel Posts or Discover Content

As with the website previews mentioned above, now both Android and iOS users will also see a preview before they share Channel and Discover posts. The preview, a thumbnail image and a headline, will automatically appear above the text field. To see a preview, click Share on a Channel or Discover post and select someone to share it with.


Loop in Additional Contacts More Easily

Release-14--Improvement_on_Multi-Picker-EN-v1Now it’s easier for Android users to find Contacts to add to multi-person chats, forward messages to and share posts with—because Contacts you selected will now appear at the top! To create or add to multi-person chats, tap the top right menu in multi-person chats and select “Invite More.” Tap Contacts to add them or use the search bar to avoid scrolling. Once added, your Contacts will appear at the top of the screen in a bubble, so it’s easy to see who’s on the chat.

When you forward and share messages as explained in our previous release, the Contacts you’ve chosen will also appear at the top of the screen so you can keep track of who you’ve selected.

Uninterrupted Voice and Video Call for iOS

Release_14_Asset-Uninterrupted_Call-ENDon’t hang up! iOS users will be pleased to know that this release prevents active BBM Voice and Video calls from dropping when you receive other incoming calls.

Now, when you’re on a BBM Voice or Video call, and another call comes in from another app, you’ll have three options:

  • End the BBM call and accept the other call
  • Have the other call sent to voice mail
  • Hold the BBM call to answer the other call

We’ve also added an option to switch to a connected Bluetooth device after you pick up a call on your phone. Just answer the BBM call, then tap to Bluetooth icon to switch over, just like you would for a native call.

Be sure to upgrade today via Google Play or the App Store to get your streamlined BBM Messenger with all the latest improvements.

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