Update BBM Messenger Today for Improvements to Groups, Timeline—and Classic Emoji Screen

We’ve released the latest version of BBM Messenger in Google Play and on the App Store. Be sure to update for improved functionality in Groups—including voice notes and support for large messages—the ability to make your Timeline available to the public, a return of the classic emoji screen for Android, and more. Refer to details below.

Voice-Note-in-Groups-ENGroups: Better than ever

Tell Them How You Feel with New Voice Notes

The new voice notes feature allows you to send audio messages to groups of contacts. If you’re on a bumpy road, don’t have time to type, or find words too limiting to express yourself, voice notes are a great way to share! To send a voice note, tap and hold the microphone icon on the lower right of the keyboard panel. Swipe to cancel. If you’ve never sent a voice note from BBM Messenger before, you’ll need to grant access to your phone’s microphone first.

Say It All with Support for Large Messages—Up to 65,000 Characters!Read-More-in-Groups-EN

Now, when you send long messages in Groups, BBM Messenger will display the first 2,000 words and hide the rest behind a Read More button. Recipients simply tap Read More to see the full message. The new message limit for Groups is 65,000 characters. Large messages let you say every word, while also making it easy to scroll through your Group chats to follow or reference conversations.

Looking Good: Redesigned Image and Video Viewers

We’ve also redesigned the image and video viewers in Groups to include the sender’s name and the time they sent the image or video. Comments appear on a separate page—just tap to open. And the background is white, instead of black, for a cleaner look. These improvements also match the viewers in one-to-one and multi-person chats, to give you a more coherent experience.

EN---Introducing-Timeline---900x900pxAndroid: Timeline Offers Public or Private Setting

There are now more ways to access others’ Timelines, so you can keep up on the latest from your favorite contacts. Just click on your contacts’ images in the comments section of Channels, or from Feeds.

We’ve also added privacy settings to Timeline so you can control who sees what. If you set your Timeline to Public, then your Post tab will be visible to everyone who uses BBM Messenger. Set Timeline to Private, and only your contacts will see Post and About.

Emoji Screen Goes Back to the Future on AndroidRelease-12-Assets-(Emoji)-1

The original emoji keyboard panel for Android is back by popular demand, with all of its options restored. A few months ago, we updated the look in an attempt to de-clutter the screen. BBM Messenger fans let us know they liked the old version better, with more options where they can see them. So, we turned back time and reverted to the classic version. As the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Thanks for letting us know what you think!

And more!

Sharing-Photo-&-Video-as-file---900x900px-1The latest release also includes an improved flow for inviting people to multi-person chats, and a new process for starting a group. Additionally, BBM Messenger now includes full-screen support for iPhone X.

BBM also now gives you the option to send images and videos as files in one-to-one chat—a feature that allows for higher sharing and download quality for those with bigger data plans or using high-speed WiFi.


Don’t wait to take advantage of all these new features. Upgrade your BBM today via Google Play and the App Store today!

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