Congratulations to Season 2 Winners on BBM Sticker Factory!

We’re pleased to announce the winners and creators of the top five most popular sticker packs from BBM Sticker Factory.

BBM Sticker Factory is the official portal for sticker artists, where all they need is simply visit the website, create an account and submit their stickers for review. BBM will review all submitted stickers, and choose the best ones for publishing. Then we’ll post them on the global BBM Sticker Shop in Discover for users worldwide to download and share!

In the second season, we received over 8,000 sticker entries from talented young creators and illustrators across Indonesia. The five winners were selected based on the performance of their sticker packs – most downloaded stickers to be exact – by BBM users through the BBM Sticker Shop.

So, congratulations to the five winners who will collectively bring home a total of 27 million Indonesian rupiah!

Name Sticker Name Prize
Winner 1 Dindin Ade Ade Gemez Rp10 million
Winner 2 Brillian Pongayow Anak Jadul Rp7 million
Winner 3 Didit Artanto Nugroho Budi Obor sok gaul Rp5 million
Winner 4 Arief Rachmad Chiby Lily Rp3 million
Winner 5 Arief Rachmad Si Onye Rp2 million

For more information on how to claim your prize, please send an email to along with the following details:

  • BBM PIN and BBID
  • Photocopy of ID card / other identity card
  • Photocopy of passbook
  • Photocopy of NPWP

To all creators and illustrators, Season 3 is well underway now. Find out more about BBM Sticker Factory and how you can participate by clicking here now.

Submit your sticker packs today and be discovered on BBM Sticker Factory!

Winner-BBM-Sticker-Factory---EN---V2 (1)

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