BBM Messenger Brings Global Hit Comics Honey Blood to Fans in Indonesia

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’? Surely the first imagery is a sharp fanged immortal being of darkness who feeds on blood of the living.



But these images will be dispelled after you read Honey Blood, the Number 1 web comic in Korea, Japan and the United States of America, which has amassed millions of readers globally. The global hit comics is now available exclusively to Indonesian fans through WebComics in the Discover menu within BBM Messenger.

Honey Blood, which also goes by the title, Bloody Sweet, is a story about a lonely and self-absorbed high school student, Shin Naerim whose mother is a shaman. As a result, Shin is treated like a sorceress and silently suffers the bullying from other students. However, an impromptu school trip changed her life, where she involuntarily awakens a vampire and soon discovers that she wields control over him, and in turn the vampire is devoted to protecting her.

Honey Blood combines fantasy, romance, drama and also deals with the delicate subject of school harassment. Translated into Bahasa specifically for the Indonesian fans, this reading is a pure treat and is totally addictive!

Reading WebComics in BBM Messenger is the perfect way to entertain yourself on a long commute—provided someone else is doing the driving! Available on Android and iOS, immerse yourself into the fantasy world of Honey Blood today at

Watch the official trailer:

honey blood 1200x627 rev


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