BBM Messenger Launches Beauty and Skincare Content Channel Jamal


We’ve just added another content channel—Jamal—to the Discover menu for Middle Eastern and North African users. With increasing demand for beauty and make up content in the MENA region, Jamal (جمال) offers beauty, skincare and make-up content to the female audience.

This is the eighth content channel we’ve launched as part of our partnership with entertainment and lifestyle content publisher 7awi. The first was Layalina, which offers female lifestyle, fashion and celebrity content. ArabsTurbo is a channel about cars and motorsports. Ra2ej is a light-hearted mix of celebrity and entertainment news, photos and video. Alqiyady covers men’s news, business, careers, technology, health, fashion, lifestyle topics, and celebrities. 3oud is a culmination where luxury meets fashion. Sa2eh offers travel and tourism content for honeymooners and vacation seekers. We’ve also added a special Ramadan digest – which aggregates the best Ramadan-focused stories from four channels.SM[BBM]loreal


Jamal features articles, how-to videos and tutorials with specific focus on local cultural and norms – content that are curated from Layalina, 3oud, as well as from other 7awi titles such as Asrar (make-up tips) and Bashartek (skin care). The channel also includes a personalised BBM login and the ability for BBM Messenger users to share beauty tips easily with their contacts.

We’ll be launching more content channels on food and video shortly – so keep your eyes peeled on your Discover menu!

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