Update Your BBM Messenger Today for Better Spam Protection, Video for Group Chat, and Other Improvements!

We’ve released a number of upgrades to BBM Messenger via our latest release, available now! Please download the update to ensure you have the latest version, which includes better spam protection, video for Group Chat, a cleaner user interface, and lots of new Discover services.

Read below for all the info, and be sure to update your BBM via Google Play or the App Store.

Spam Blocking Enhancements

We’ve built additional checks and controls into BBM Messenger to reduce spam. Update to the latest version on a regular basis to take advantage of the continuous improvements we make to combat spam. Be assured these updates won’t impact chat messaging between you and contacts in your BBM contact list.

Share Video in Group Chats

ShareVideo_Android_ENNow you can share videos in group chats.It’s fun to share videos, and by giving you the option to select just a part of the video to share, BBM Messenger helps you preserve data and space.

To send videos when you’re chatting, select the media icon from the keyboard menu on your phone. Simply select your video of choice and send it. To use just a portion of the video, tap to select the segment you wish to share and send it.

Interface Improvements for Search, Icons and More

Socmed---UIUX-Changes-(English)-900x900pxlAmong this release’s many improvements is a new search category for your chat messages. Previously, you could search your chat topics, contacts, and channels. Now, you can also search the messages within your chats. If you remember a particular word or phrase you’ve sent, or someone has sent to you, you can find it again by searching chat messages! This new feature can save an awful lot of scrolling time.

To use it, initiate a search from your Chats or Contacts list. BBM Messenger will sort results into four categories – ‘Chats’, ‘BBM Contacts’, ‘Contacts’, and ‘Channels’ as you type.

We’ve also made a number of other upgrades to the interface, including new icons for the keyboard menu and main navigation tabs (for Chats, Contacts, Feeds, Discover, and Me). Additionally, we’ve made it easier to type messages on multiple lines while you’re chatting.

New Discover Services

As we’ve covered in separate blogs, we’ve been busy adding a ton of new services to the Discover menu.

Social Media Post_edited
Two worldwide services bring content to users around the globe. Football365 just launched for BBM Messenger users in more than 100 countries, providing news, views, scores and more about all the leagues, teams and goals. Also, more BBM Messenger users worldwide now have access to BBM News, which brings global and local news from leading news providers into your BBM. In fact, we’ve just added 20 new publishers to BBM News in Indonesia.

unnamed (1)Indonesians have also been trying out the new BBM Career, which helps job-seekers check salaries for various jobs, browse job listings and read career tips from experts. Our new collaboration with Korean Webtoon and Webnovel publisher Neobazar went live in the archipelago a few weeks ago, bringing over 200 titles to users through WebComics for BBM. And Indonesian ecommerce platform Sale Stock launched conversation-based shopping on BBM—the first ecommerce collaboration to use the new BBM Chat API.

3oudFor the Middle East and North African regions, we’ve added several new content channels after the first, Layalina, launched in March. ArabsTurbo is a channel about cars and motorsports. Ra2ej is a light-hearted mix of celebrity and entertainment news, photos and video. Alqiyady covers men’s news, business, careers, technology, health, fashion, lifestyle topics, and celebrities. 3oud is a culmination where luxury meets fashion. We’ve also added a special Ramadan digest for the holiday——which aggregates the best Ramadan-focused stories from all four channels.

We’ve made it easier for Nigerians to plan a night out, with two great digital ticket offerings: Movie Tickets and soon, Event Tickets for concert and live events.

And South Africans are loving DiscoverTV, a mobile streaming service that lets BBM users watch movies and TV shows while they’re on the go. Stage360, a market first, is a really exciting mobile platform that helps South African urban musicians connect with fans, and even connect with music industry professionals.

BillawayWe’ve just launched BBM Rewards in the US, Canada, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore, and UK with cooperation from Billaway. BBM Rewards gives users a way to reduce the amount they pay for their mobile service by participating in surveys, entering sweepstakes or getting quotes. You can also choose to earn gift cards from major retailers instead of mobile credit.

It’s all happening in BBM Messenger! Be sure to update yours today to take advantage of all the new features.

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