BBM Messenger Launches Ra2ej: Weird, Wacky, and Viral News


We’ve just added another content channel—Ra2ej (or رائج – pronounced Ray-esh)—to the Discover menu for Middle Eastern and North African users. It’s where you’ll find a light-hearted mix of celebrity, entertaining and weird news, bizarre photos, funny videos and lots more.

This is the third content channel we’ve launched as part of our partnership with entertainment and lifestyle content publisher 7awi. Layalina was first, offering lifestyle, fashion and celebrity content, followed by ArabsTurbo, a channel about cars and motorsports. Both channels have garnered more than a million unique users to BBM’s Discover menu since they were launched over the past couple of months.

Ra2ej is live in the following markets:

·       Saudi Arabia
·       United Arab Emirates
·       Kuwait
·       Bahrain
·       Oman
·       Qatar
·       Jordan
·       Syria
·       Palestine
·       Lebanon
·       Egypt
·       Yemen
·       Tunisia
·       Iran
·       Algeria
·       Libya
·       Morocco
·       Sudan
·       Somalia


Our Middle Eastern and North African customers are getting more of their news and other content from the mobile channel, reading on their devices while on the go. As people use their messaging apps multiple times a day, we’re bringing more content and services to them in the place where they’re already spending their time.

7awi’s content has been very popular with our Arabic-speaking customers so far. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching channels focused on men’s fashion and lifestyle, women’s fashion and a classified service. Stay tuned for more announcements here—and keep checking your Discover menu!

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