BBM Releases Its First Themed Card Game “Pmang Capsa Susun with BBM” in Indonesia

BBM has just released its first themed card game, “Pmang Capsa Susun with BBM” in Indonesia. Now BBM users can enjoy the original fun of tabletop Capsa, whenever and wherever they are. capsa-2

Download from Google Play now.

Capsa Susun, or commonly known as Chinese Poker, is a traditional game, as well as one of the three most played card games in Indonesia that is popular amongst all age groups.

Each player needs to make 3 lines with 13 cards (5 cards for Back-hand / Middle-hand and 3 cards for front-hand) and compare each line with other players. The rule is simple. However, you’ll need to make strategic decisions with speed.

“Pmang Capsa Susun with BBM” offers many unique features such as Missions and Time Bonus. You can also get exclusive Heart Gifts, Lucky Bonuses, Friend Invite Bonuses and more when you play together with friends!

Forget about boring or monotonous moments. With 12 emojis at your disposal, you can have fun expressing yourself while waiting for your turn, during card shuffling, and even while paying!

Download “Pmang Capsa Susun with BBM” today, and challenge your friends and family in BBM!

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