New BBM Release Adds 2nd Factor Authentication, Removes Message Length Limit, and a Suite of Tools for BBM Discover Partners

There’s something for everyone. In this latest release of BBM, we’ve packed in new features and enhancements for users, and added a suite of tools for BBM Discover’s partners, helping them access insights on their customer behaviors.

This release includes:

  • Removal of message length limit in Chat to a maximum of 24,000 characters
  • Implementation of 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA) for users who use Phone Number registration
  • New ‘Free’ Category in BBM Stickers for Android
  • Enhanced user feedback functions within BBM Video
  • Increased MPC invites acceptance period so your friends have longer time to accept!
  • New Analytics function in the Discover Menu to enhance consumers experience
  • Ad targeting for our brands for specific client version

Update to the latest version of BBM on Google Play or the App Store now!

Removal of message length limit in Chat to 24K characters maximum1

Users can now send secured long messages to their contacts in private chats and MPC. Instead of attaching files that might be sent with low fidelity across multiple devices, the text can now be pasted and sent as a text file, which is automatically truncated for easy reading.

Implementation of 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA) for users with Phone Number registration2

For users who’d previously registered BBM with their phone numbers, BBM security now gives you an additional boost with 2FA and the ability to receive one-time password (OTP) via SMS, preventing your BBM accounts from getting compromised in the event of a phishing attack.

How to use it:

  • For phone number registration users, enter phone number and password at Sign In
  • Confirm acceptance to receive OTP by SMS
  • Enter OTP on verification screen
  • User is signed in

New + ‘Free’ Category in BBM Stickers for Android3

Android users can now discover sticker content much easier than before! Upon clicking on the Sticker icon in the BBM Discover menu, users will now see the 2 new categories – New and Free stickers packs. Use these expressive illustrations to add colour and movement to your daily conversations!

Enhanced user feedback functions in BBM Video

BBM users can now ‘favourite’, leave comments on videos as well as reply to other video comments in an easy-to-read stackable format. BBM Video content creators will be able to engage directly with their fans to build and expand their social following.


Increased MPC invites acceptance period so your friends have longer time to accept!5

Previously, MPC invites expire after three hours of the initial invite. We’ve now implemented a longer 7-day time period for invites to be accepted. No more missed or expired invites if you’re on holiday or out of the country on business!

New Analytics function in Discover Menu

Partners can now track the number of visitors and visits to the Discover menu, Stickers, Subscriptions, and Top Picks. Features include the ability to pull Discover menu reports and statistics to support partner engagements, marketing, sales and reporting.


Ad targeting for specific client version 7

Ads can now be delivered to specific BBM client versions. Ad operations can precisely target a client version the BBM user is on to receive your ads. Discover Partner services that depend on a specific BBM client version will thus be able to purchase highly targeted advertising with their ads displayed only to a specific set of users.

We’re looking to add more exciting features and services in our January release. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on our new features! Share your comments with our team below.

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