Travel Bookings Made Easy with New BBM Travel

As we approach the year-end, have you booked your next holiday getaway yet?reservasi

With BBM Travel, Indonesians can now easily book their accommodation, purchase airline tickets, access to special offers and pay all within BBM.

BBM Travel simplifies the mobile travel booking process and improves the overall customer experience with an efficient travel reservation process within the BBM experience.

This new service is launched in partnership with, an online travel agency in Indonesia. With just a few tabs within the app, users can now access over 200,000 hotels worldwide and purchase domestic and international airline tickets.

For our travel partners, BBM Travel is a direct channel to consumers, adding bookings and improved conversion rates.

Like BBM Shopping, BBM Voucher and BBM Pulsa/PLN, BBM Travel is also powered by BBM Checkout. Built into BBM, it securely stores your payment credentials and shipping information after the first purchase. You’ll never have to enter the information again! Just tap to pay, and BBM Checkout will use the information on file, making it a fast, easy, seamless and convenient way to pay for transactions on-the-go.

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest BBM version from Google Play or the App Store now, click on the Travel icon in Discover menu, and book your next getaway!


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