BBM Releases Action Game “Rogue Life with BBM” in Indonesia

Embark on a unique and exciting adventure where you shoot monsters while evading a barrage of bullets, projectiles and missiles. Can you survive till the end?

BBM releases “Rogue Life with BBM”, an addictive, screenshot_20161115-132614easy to play and action-packed game that is available on Android devices.

Rogue Life with BBM puts your dodging skills to the test in this shooter-RPG crossover, where you defeat monsters and bosses in various single player modes. You can also engage in exciting PvP battles – 3 vs 3 on the battlefield, and a maximum of 12 members per team.

Get your friends and family on BBM to download from Google Play today, and pitch your skills against each other on the battlefield!

In addition, there are over 300 costumes – customized characters to suit your style. Like them cute? Like them heroic? Like them tough? It’s all up to you! With tons of stages, quests and modes, there’s so much content to enjoy!

So, what are you waiting for? Download from Google Play and get on the battlefield today!

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