BBM Game Center to Bring Localized Games to Indonesians

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I’m thrilled to announce our new partnership with Korean game publisher NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. to create the new BBM Game Center. It’s slated to launch later this year.

The BBM Game Center will offer free-to-play, downloadable games you can play with your BBM friends on iOS and Android. NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. is also actively working to source the kinds of games Indonesians play most, and localize them to native Indonesian languages. The BBM Game Center will be the first gaming platform built specifically for Indonesians—and it will become the home of more localized games for other key BBM markets around the world.

This partnership is part of our continuing effort to evolve our Discover menu. We have already launched news, video and re-charge (top-up) services. Games are next!

About the partnership

Established in 2007, NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. is an online game publisher known for widening the spectrum of Korean online games. Through its leading online portal,, it has successfully pioneered the games Special Force, FIFA Online and CrossFire.

B2Games is the name of the joint venture between NEOWIZ GAMES Corp., Mobirix (a global mobile game company) and Avancera (a specialist in Southeast Asian marketing and commerce). This group will develop and run the BBM Game platform.

We’re working together now to build the application programming interface (API) and software developer’s kit (SDK), so that game developers can bring their games to you via BBM.

Games for Indonesians

Among Indonesians, BBM continues to be the most-installed and most commonly-used messaging app—and our users are always looking to do more in it.

Indonesians are also very active gamers. According to the App Annie 2015 Retrospective report, Indonesia has the most active mobile gamers (30.7 million) of all countries in Southeast Asia. And they spend more: of the active gamers, 49% spend money on games, compared to the 45% average for the Southeast Asia region. Strategy and racing games are the top genres that persuade Indonesians to pay.

And yet, most of the games available in the country aren’t offered in native Indonesian languages. That’s why NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. is making efforts to localize games for this growing market—not only offering them in Indonesian, but also sourcing the kind of games Indonesians like the most.

Interested game developers should contact

A richer BBM experience

We’re excited to work with best-of-breed partners to develop new services and meet the growing demands of our users. BBM Game Center follows the other new services we’ve launched recently in the Discover menu. Stay tuned over the next few months, as we’ll have more announcements like this one, all part of our continuing work to give you a richer social networking experience in your BBM.

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