BBM Photo Contest: Ramadan Edition

We’ve just completed our first round of BBM Photo Contest: Ramadan Edition. Our users were given the opportunity to share their special moments during this year’s Ramadan season. We received 1855 photo submissions and 5575 registered users, each with unique designs to (show) the festivity of Ramadan.

The themes of the Photo Contest were split according to the 4 weeks of Ramadan:

    • Week 1: Breaking your fast moment.
    • Week 2: How you are spending your time before breaking your fast.
    • Week 3: Eating prior to starting your fast.
    • Week 4: Greeting Cards for Eid Fitr.



With over 480,000 sessions, 350,000 users and 600,000 page views, the Photo Contest series continues to prove successful among our users. As a result, our BBM Ramadan Channel showed an organic growth from 0 to 50,000 subscribers. Simply visit for more information and to see the sticker collection.

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