Free Stuff from BBM: New Horoscope Channel and Ghostbusters Stickers!

BBMStarsWe debuted a fun new BBM Channel for Indonesians earlier this week: BBM Stars. It’s an astrology channel that will publish daily news for your zodiac sign, star placement and movement, horoscopes, and a daily fortune reading.

To populate the channel, we’ve partnered with the astrology bloggers behind from KapanLagi Network.

We’ll publish their original horoscopes inside BBM, so you can check in for your daily horoscope in the same place you find your family, friends, and news.

We’ll post 12-15 times per day, with short, playful readings and fortunes. Be sure to join BBM Stars (C0039D7C8) to start getting the updates in your Feed today!

Ghostbusters_S004Also, we just launched in the BBM Shop free stickers from the coming film, Ghostbusters! This all-female remake of the 80s comedy classic comes to theaters around the world in mid-July.

Besides the 30+ Ghostbusters stickers, there are more than 30 other free sticker packs available today in BBM Shop.

BBM users are appreciating them: since making the free stickers available last week, our daily installs of stickers has grown by 700%.

You can visit or click on the BBM Shop icon inside your BBM mobile app.

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