#WishICouldRetract: We Asked, You Answered

Over the last week, we’ve shown you various ways you could retract a message, but that was all before the introduction of message retraction in the new BBM. This short video shows you all of those ways.

Last week, we asked you to share messaging stories and you delivered. We saw great comments, tweets, and posts come in about taking back a message. They ranged from horror stories about calling Mom “Sugarlips” instead of your girlfriend, to just having fun with retraction and feeling like a spy.

Whatever message retraction means to you, we’re glad to see that you’re taking full advantage of the new BBM Update. Here are a few of the best stories and sentiments about the new BBM:




Needless to say, the new features added to BBM have been a long time coming. People are happy that they can take back a message. If only we could do that with other things too.

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