#BBMoments – BBM video bedtime stories #FTW [Weekly Feature]

BBRY2491_BBMoments_Feature_2_BlogPost - bedtime

This week’s #BBMoments feature practically came pre-written. Long-time BlackBerry fan/current BlackBerry Z30user, @AngrEdmontonian, submitted this great story about how BBM keeps him close to his family even when he’s unable to be there.

BBMoment - bedtime story border

From bedtime stories to daily chats from the office, BBM Video keeps @AngrEdmontonian connected to the important people in his life. He also uses BBM throughout his day to keep in touch with colleagues. “…would almost be lost without it” he explains.

We asked him about some of his other favorite features and emoticons. He uses the m/ emoticon most often (and why wouldn’t you? ROCK ON!).

“My favorite BBM feature at the moment is BBM Channels, but video chat and screen share are a close tie for second.” We just had to know some of his favorite channels. “Obviously BlackBerry (C0001F622) and BBM (C00124E76), but outside of those, my favorites are Re-Post (C0001C779), CrackBerry (C00012B19)and my hockey team Your Vancouver Canucks (C0006461B).

What a great cross section of Channels! Thanks for sharing your great #BBMoments with us, @AngrEdmontonian.

What are your #BBMoments?? Share with us on Twitter, @BBM, with the hashtag. Stay tuned for more great #BBMoments features.

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