Top BBM Channels to Follow in Beta

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BBM Channels has been in beta for a few weeks now and the response has been outstanding. We’ve already seen many channels and communities appear from passionate people all across the globe. In real-time you can discover and connect with other #TeamBlackBerry members on subjects that interest you. You can also connect with some of your favorite teams and celebrities like we mentioned at BlackBerry Live 2013.

From fitness, to beverages, to biking, to music. Whatever your passion, it’s on BBM Channels. We’ve taken the time to dig up a few other amazing channels you may be interested in following.

BBM Channels to Follow:

  • C00093F7A – Fitness: Discover and chat about the latest techniques and tips for staying fit from this community.
  • C00016D81 – Photography: If you’re into snapping that perfect shot, this is definitely a channel you’ll want to get involved with. Learn and share tips and tricks with fellow photographers here.
  • C000288DD – Craft Beer: If you’re a craft beer enthousiast, this is a channel you’ll definitely want to check out. Find that perfect flavour profile and debate about which brew is tops with likeminded folks here.
  • C000FBBAA – Electronic Dance Music (EDM): Whether you enjoy creating that perfect mix or listening and waiting for that beat to drop, this is the community for you. Chat about the latest albums, tracks and hear about the newest gear in this BBM Channel
  • C0003D4CC – Gearheads: If cars, bikes, trucks… motors in general are you thing, definitely connect with this channel to get your fix. If you don’t know what RPM means, but want to — hop on and find out, this community is full of knowledge.
  • C0001F622 – BlackBerry Official: Of course, it wouldn’t be an Inside BlackBerry post without a little plug for the official channels. If you’re not following (which of course you are because it’s built-in!) follow the official BlackBerry BBM channel.

Haven’t joined the beta yet? Be sure to check it out here. Already an active member? Post your channel in the comments below to share with the BlackBerry community.

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